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Cedar hedge – Prices, pruning, maintenance, quotes

The cedar hedge is a particularly popular landscape design with Quebecers. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, it creates a certain privacy within a property.

So, whether you’re looking to delimit a garden, create a privacy barrier or simply add a verdant touch to your landscape, the cedar hedge is a popular choice in Quebec.

In this article, you’ll discover how to plant a cedar hedge or maintain an existing one. We’ll explore its many benefits, the varieties suited to Quebec’s climate, the practicalities of installing them and maintenance tips.

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Factors influencing the cost of a cedar hedge in Quebec

In Quebec, the price of a cedar hedge can vary according to several factors. Here are the key elements to consider when estimating costs:

Hedge length and height

The quantity of cedars needed to create the hedge has a direct impact on the price. The longer and taller the hedge, the higher the cost.

Cedar pruning

The price of larger, more mature cedars is often higher, since handling and transporting them is more complex.

Cedar variety

There are different varieties of cedar (and therefore different prices!) on the market.

Soil preparation and planting

If your site requires prior preparation, additional costs will be incurred.

Supply and transport

The cost of transporting cedars from the nursery to your property must be taken into account. Some suppliers include delivery in the total price, while others may charge additional fees.

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Average prices for cedar hedge installation in Quebec

Here’s an example of installation costs per linear foot. Price per linear foot includes cedars, excavation, soil if required, starter fertilizer and support.

Cedar type

4 ft

5 ft

6 ft

7 ft

8 ft

White Cedar

49 $

56 $

80 $

105 $

275 $

Cedar Nigra

52 $

60 $

82 $

105 $

270 $

Smaragd Cedar

75 $

110 $

155 $



Wild Cedar

24 $

28 $

33 $

39 $

45 $

Prices are indicative only.

Options for purchasing a cedar hedge in Quebec

If you’re considering buying a cedar hedge in Quebec, here are your options:

Landscaping contractors

Landscaping contractors can take care of cedar purchase and installation. They can :

Hiring a landscaper is a very practical option, since they offer "turnkey" services. It should be noted, however, that this customized service often generates additional costs.

Garden centers

Large garden stores and home improvement centers often offer sections dedicated to trees, such as cedars. A selection of cedar plants of different sizes and varieties is usually available.

Specialized nurseries

Nurseries are establishments dedicated to growing and selling plants and trees. They can then offer you a wide selection of cedar varieties adapted to Quebec's climate.

Online sales

There are also websites specializing in online plant sales. You can order cedars and have them delivered directly to your home. Make sure you choose a reputable and reliable supplier.

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Get quotes to compare cedar hedge prices

Before embarking on your project, it’s important to get several quotes for the purchase or installation of a cedar hedge. Here are a few tips to help you get the best price:

Identify your specific needs:

Determine the length and height of the hedge you want, and the variety of cedar you prefer. The more precise the information you provide to suppliers, the more relevant and comparable the quotations will be.

Get several quotes:

Contact several nurserymen and landscaping contractors to request quotes. Ideally, try to get at least three quotes so you can compare them.

Ask for specific details:

When requesting quotes, be sure to specify clearly what you expect, whether it’s cedar pruning, ground preparation, delivery or other additional services. This will avoid surprises and hidden costs.

Compare bids fairly:

When comparing quotes, don’t just focus on the total price. Carefully examine the details of each offer, including the quality of the plants, the services included, guarantees and lead times.

Determine the characteristics of the desired cedar hedge

Here are the different elements to consider when determining the characteristics of your cedar hedge:

Hedge height: The height of your cedar hedge depends on a number of factors, such as your desired privacy, any legal or regulatory restrictions imposed by your municipality, and the size of your property. If you want maximum privacy, opt for a taller hedge.

Hedge thickness : The thickness of the hedge is important to create a dense screen and prevent visibility through it. The density of the hedge depends on the cedar variety chosen, the pruning frequency and the plant spacing. We recommend planting cedars 60 to 90 centimetres apart to encourage dense growth.

Hedge shape : The shape of the hedge can vary according to your aesthetic preferences. Cedar hedges can be trimmed to rectangular, conical, rounded or other creative shapes. It’s important to plan the desired shape from the outset, as this can influence the spacing and initial size of the plants.

Environmental conditions : Take into account the environmental conditions in your area. If you live in an area prone to strong winds, a lower, denser hedge may be more appropriate to provide wind protection. If your region has harsh winters, choose cold-hardy cedar varieties.

Maintenance and accessibility : Consider hedge maintenance and accessibility. If the hedge is too high or too wide, it can be difficult to trim and maintain. Make sure you choose a size that matches your maintenance capabilities, or consider calling in a professional if necessary.

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Practical tips for trimming a cedar hedge in Quebec

Here are some practical tips for trimming a cedar hedge:

Tools required :

Recommended pruning period :

The ideal time to trim a cedar hedge in Quebec is early spring. This allows the cedars to develop vigorously during the growing season.

Avoid pruning the cedar hedge in late autumn, as this can compromise the cedars’ winter hardiness.

Appropriate cutting techniques :

Before you start pruning, assess the desired shape and size of the hedge. Use ropes or stakes to mark the desired cutting lines for a uniform hedge.

Start by trimming the sides of the hedge in regular, horizontal sweeping movements. Keep the hedge trimmer flat against the cutting surface for straight, clean results.

To cut the top of the hedge, use vertical sweeping movements, starting at the outer end and moving gradually towards the center.

Be careful not to over-trim the hedge, as this can lead to bald patches and weaken the health of the cedars.

Practical tips for maintaining a cedar hedge in Quebec

Regular maintenance of cedar hedges is essential to ensure their health, appearance and growth. Here are some maintenance tips:

Additional maintenance of the cedar hedge :

Watering: Be sure to water the cedar hedge well during dry periods, especially in the first year of planting, to promote healthy growth.

Fertilization: Apply a balanced fertilizer specially formulated for cedar hedges according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Weeding: Regularly weed the base of the hedge to avoid competition from weeds that could affect cedar growth.

Regular pruning: Regular pruning is important to maintain the shape and density of the cedar hedge. Prune lightly and regularly. However, avoid excessive pruning, which can weaken cedars.

Pest and disease protection: Watch out for signs of pests, such as aphids or red spider mites, as well as common diseases like cedar rust. In the event of infestation or infection, quickly treat the hedge with the appropriate solutions.

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