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How much will it cost to clear land in Quebec in 2023?

The dream of settling in a wooded area far from the hassles of the city is shared by many Quebecers.

However, land clearing is a project that comes with a price tag…

And when your goal is to build a home on a wooded lot, it’s essential to know the cost of clearing the land before you start building!

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Soumissions Terrain is here to give you an overview of the costs involved in clearing land in Quebec in 2023!
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What are the different types of land clearing?

There are a wide variety of deforestation projects in Quebec!

Some will buy wooded land in a new development close to the city, while others will opt for more secluded woodland. In all cases, the mission remains the same: to cut down trees to make way for a construction project of some kind.

Here are a few examples of land clearing projects!

Clearing for residential construction

Building in the countryside or in a new neighborhood usually means clearing the forest. The location of the future construction will have to be precisely determined, so that the exact area to be cleared can be identified.

Clearing land or soil

Land that’s too densely forested can pose access and operating challenges. It may therefore become necessary to thin the forest by felling or pruning certain trees!

Creation of a dirt road

Is the forest blocking your access to a section of your land or to the construction site of your future property? Once again, logging work will be required to build a dirt road or forest road.

Clearing woodland

Certain tree species must be removed to ensure the longevity of your woodlot? In this case, selective clearing of the woodland can be carried out by a professional!

Cutting diseased trees

Would you like to keep some of the trees on your property, but some of them are sick? It’s a good idea to have such trees felled before they fall over on their own and cause damage.

Whatever your clearing project, Tree Quotes is the reference you need to find your professional!

Prices for land clearing services in Quebec!

Clearing land is generally not a low-cost project.

Clearing a large lot can quickly add up, so here’s an overview of the costs involved in clearing a lot in Quebec with a qualified pruner or trimmer!

prix elagueur emondeur arbre

Land clearing

Average price in Quebec

Clearing building land

0.50 to $1.00 / ft2

Shrub land (small trees)

Up to $5,000 / hectare

How can you save on deforestation of your residential lot?

Limiting deforestation to the essentials is obviously a simple way to save money! Alternatively, some trimmers and pruners will reduce the cost of their services if you let them leave with the felled trees.

For some, this will be an interesting compensation that could save you money, but not all professionals accept such an arrangement.

Is it really a good idea to clear your own land?

If you clear your land yourself, you can certainly save a lot of money! However, tree felling is a dangerous job that requires proper training! It is therefore inadvisable to attempt to clear your own property, regardless of the number and size of trees.

Ask for a detailed quote to find out in advance how much it will cost to clear your land!

All the factors that have an impact on the cost of deforestation!

Since the quantity, size and density of trees vary from one property to another, the costs associated with deforestation projects depend on a number of factors.

facteur prix defricher deboiser

Tree Quotes presents an overview of the factors that can influence the cost of land clearing by a professional tree pruner!

Factors that will REDUCE the cost of land clearing

Factors that will INCREASE the price of land clearing

So how do you know which of these factors will have an impact on your land clearing project? By requesting several customized quotes from qualified pruners.

Tree Quotes offers you 3 of these free quotes right here!

What to do with trees and branches after clearing?

Clearing land is one thing. Planning what to do with the remaining trees and branches is quite another.

Many landowners only think about this aspect when the trees are on the ground, which causes some headaches!

branches deboisement broyer

It’s possible to let the pruning crew take the trees home.
As mentioned above, some pruners and trimmers are willing to take their felled trees with them, either out of simplicity or as compensation. If you don’t want to keep the trees, this is a simple way of getting rid of them.

You might decide to make firewood! Your cleared land could be the source of years of firewood reserves. Of course, you’ll have to do a bit of work to split the wood and get it ready for winter. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the effort.

And when it comes to tree branches, chipping them on site is ideal! You’ll be amazed at the amount of branches that need to be removed after clearing a plot of land.

The easiest way to get rid of these same branches is to have a shredder come on site and shred the branches as the trees fall.

Is a deforestation permit still necessary?

Is it really necessary to apply for a permit to cut down trees on your own property? Absolutely!

Every city and municipality in Quebec imposes restrictions on tree-cutting, which is why it’s essential to obtain a felling permit before starting to clear land. In many cities, even the felling of a single tree requires a permit!

Once the permit has been granted, will you be able to clear the land as you wish without any constraints?

Unfortunately not! Not all municipalities protect trees in the same way, and some are stricter than others. Be sure to read the conditions attached to your permit before you start cutting.

Compare prices for land clearing with Tree Quotes!

Clearing your land may come with a price tag, but that’s no reason to hire a professional without comparing offers.

The cost of land clearing varies according to several factors and criteria that are specific to your property. That’s why it’s essential to get several quotes, since large sums of money are at stake.

Tree Quotes offers you the opportunity to compare 3 completely free quotes for your land clearing project.

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