Compare 3 free quotes for tree cutting, pruning or maintenance. Free service anywhere in Quebec.

Compare 3 free quotes for tree cutting, pruning or maintenance. Free service.

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Tree trimming in Quebec – Prices and methods

If you’ve recently had a tree felled and intend to use the plot of land it once occupied to build a garden shed or swimming pool, you’ll need to remove the stump and root system.

essouchage arbres abattus

However, this can be hard work, especially if the tree is mature and therefore deeply rooted in the soil.

Calling in an arboriculturist would be a possibility to consider. Tree trimming is one of their many areas of expertise, as is tree pruning, trimming and felling.

Hiring an expert in your field is always a good solution when you want to achieve good results.

Why grub up a felled tree?

There are several reasons for stump removal after a tree has been felled.

As mentioned, if you wish to use the part of the land on which your tree used to stand, you absolutely must remove the stump to enable you to use your entire plot.

Whether you’re building a garden, a garden shed or a pergola, if the stump is still in the place where the tree was cut down, it will probably prevent you from taking full advantage of the ideal spot for your project.

If you’ve felled the tree because it was diseased or infested, it’s possible that the stump can still transmit the disease to surrounding trees. It is therefore imperative to remove the stump of a diseased tree to prevent the spread of the disease, or a new infestation in the event of the presence of undesirable and devastating insects.

The remaining stump could also attract insects to settle there. Nasty carpenter ants, for example, could come and have a real feast. Once the party’s over in the stump, they might head for your house, and trust us, you don’t want that to happen!

essouchage eviter insectes indesirables

As the stump that hasn’t been pulled out continues to grow and extend its root system, it could cause problems for your foundation. Foundation repairs can cost a small fortune, and we’re sure you’d like to avoid them. It really would be best to save yourself the trouble.

The tree may also start growing again, as the stump continues to feed through the roots, and you may soon find yourself with a new shoot that will soon take the place of the old one. If the stump and roots are not removed properly, there is a real possibility that the tree will grow back.

How is grubbing carried out?

The best way to remove a tree stump is to call in an arborist, who will bring his machinery to remove the stump safely and completely.

Before proceeding with grubbing, it’s important to find out if there are any buried cables or pipes near the stump to be removed.
Info excavation
is a free service for locating underground infrastructures. Let them know you’re broken by simply making a location request directly on their website.

Mechanical stump removal, also known as trimming, is the best way to ensure that the stump no longer causes damage to your property.

The arborist will come to your home with a chipper to remove the stump efficiently. The trunk and underground trunk will be professionally chipped. The hole is then filled with the remaining wood shavings and soil to avoid any risk of subsidence or injury.

You should never use chemicals such as sodium chlorate or bleach to remove a tree stump, as this could contaminate your land.

If you have a garden in your backyard, the soil will be contaminated, as the chemicals spread via the water table. What’s more, there’s no guarantee that the stump will never grow back.

Nor should you attempt to burn the stump. The risk of fire spreading through the root system is high, and there’s no way of knowing how far it might spread. This method must be avoided at all costs.

If the stump is small, you could have it removed with a winch and chains, but this method could cause damage to your property.

How much does stump grinding cost?

Obviously, this depends on the size of the stump to be removed and access to it.

For a small, easily accessible stump, you could very well get away with a $100 bill.

However, the larger the stump, the longer it will take to shred, and the higher the bill. Location and accessibility play a major role in the total cost. If the stump is very large and really difficult to access, then it could cost you $1,000 to have it removed.

arracher souche endommager terrain

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Although it can be expensive, it’s absolutely essential to remove the stump, as it can cause problems you probably don’t want to end up with.

If the stump rots in place, it will attract insects, which in turn may attract undesirable animals such as skunks or rodents that will feed on the newly established insects.

The arboriculturist, the specialist you need for your trees

An arborist does much more than just grub trees; he’s an expert you should consult for all questions related to the health of your trees.

He can inspect your tree to determine if there’s a way to treat it, or if you’ll unfortunately have to have it cut down. In the first case, he’ll show you how to care for it and give you valuable advice on how to preserve it. In the second case, he can make an appointment with you to arrange for the tree to be felled.

Arborists can also prune tree branches, which means removing dead branches from a tree to prevent them from rotting. Falling branches can be dangerous if the tree is close to a pedestrian thoroughfare. In a case like this, prevention is better than cure.

In short, when in doubt about how to care for your trees, consult an arborist.

Tree trimming at the best price - Compare quotes!

If you have a stump to be removed, but are a little concerned about the price of such a service, you should absolutely fill in the form available on this page. In no time at all, you’ll receive 3 personalized quotes from experts in the field.

You can then choose the contractor who offers you the best price for stump removal.

Filling in the form is easy and free of charge, but above all, there’s no obligation on your part. This will help you compare prices and know what you should expect for the service you want.

Price of pruning and trimming services in Quebec in 2023


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Price of pruning and trimming services in Quebec in 2023

Your hedge is out of control and you’ve had enough of the old stump in the middle of your property, we’ve got the solution for you!

To avoid being the laughing stock of your neighborhood, opt for the services of a professional! Pruners and arborists are the people who look after your trees to ensure that they grow properly and safely.

élagueur prix services québec

Pruner, trimmer, arborist? Let us sort it all out for you!

To help you contact the right contractor for your needs, it’s important to differentiate their roles. The pruner removes harmful branches to make the environment safer. The arborist does the same, but goes one step further by prioritizing tree health and disease detection.

For its part, “emondeur” is a term that’s often used, even though it’s, let’s face it, a little out of date. Its role is to perform a very rudimentary tree-cutting operation. While the pruning service is more like pruning a cedar hedge, the arborist tries to do the opposite.

There’s no need to monkey around and climb your trees. Check out our prices for professional tree care services.

Are pruning and trimming the same thing?

Often confused, the two terms are distinct actions in the way tree cutting is carried out.

Pruning is the process of cutting off dead or live branches from a tree. This allows us to limit growth in width or orientate development in length. To combine business with pleasure, aesthetic work is carried out to preserve both the health and beauty of the tree.

The big difference between the two is that pruning is a much more drastic cutting technique, stripping the tree of all its branches. Unlike pruning, where the emphasis is on health and aesthetics, pruning is not necessarily the recommended option in urban environments.

A solution for every need!

Why use their tree care services?

For both pruning and trimming work, tree pruning reduces the risk of damage.

Prevent branches from breaking under the weight of snow, falling on your car in high winds or touching electrical wires.

taille haie québec prix service

Pruning branches eliminates the threat to the safety of people and buildings in the vicinity, thus averting a disaster.
From a purely aesthetic point of view, cutting down a tree to create space and light on your land will increase the value of your property.

Still in doubt? Here’s why you need pruning and trimming:



The branches growing at the top should be removed:

New shoots break through from the base, the shrub must be felled:

Limiting growth

Limiting growth

Lifeless branches

Lifeless or rotting branches

Altered branches

Branches too low

Fragile branches

Fragile branches

Harmful branches

Harmful branches

Don’t try to fly under the radar and cut down your tree yourself, as the fine can be quite hefty. This could cost you more than hiring a professional.

Maintain your trees, follow regulations and obligations in Quebec

It’s important to remember that, as the owner of a house, plex or business, you have obligations to the city regarding the upkeep of your trees.

For example:

You need a permit to cut down a tree on your property whose trunk is more than 5cm in diameter and 1.4m high.

Avoid getting into trouble! If you have any questions about trees on your property, find out what you need to know!

Cutting, pruning, felling: Everything you need to know about services in Quebec

Tree trimmers and arborists offer a wide range of services for the care of your trees and shrubs:

équipement scie abattage arbre-québec

Don’t try to fly under the radar and cut down your tree yourself, as the fine can be quite hefty. This could cost you more than hiring a professional.


Cutting at the base of a diseased or dangerous tree to bring it down and remove it permanently.


Pruning the tree or shrub at the top or base.


Removal of tree stump and roots following felling. This frees up and levels the terrain.


Consists in solidifying the tree structure if it is unstable.


Action to maintain and promote hedge growth. The best times for pruning are generally in spring and before winter.


Removes trees in a specific area and shreds branches. Mainly required to start the construction phase. This must be done in compliance with local regulations while maintaining an ecological balance.


It is used to assess the condition of trees to determine whether and how they should be maintained.

How much does it cost to hire a tree trimmer in Quebec in 2023?

Flat rate or hourly rate? In fact, both options are possible. The choice is left to the expert’s discretion, depending on your project and needs.
Depending on the service chosen, the average hourly rate is $150 to $200 for 2 men, in line with arboricultural labor standards.




250 – $325 / h 3 men


250 – $325 / h 3 men


100 – $1,000 per strain


250 – $325 / h 3 men


250 per hedge


250 – $325 / h 3 men


50 – $500 including a report

Prices include labor for 3 men, a chipper plus a truck to store the wood if necessary, and all the equipment needed to do the job.

The main factors influencing the price of pruning services

Of course, hiring a tree trimmer or arborist varies according to the service required. The total cost also depends on a number of variables, which is why it’s essential to discuss your needs with professionals.

équipement élagage services prix
  1. Number of employees: The more work you do, the more men you’ll need. A minimum of 2 men is required.

  2. Level ofexperience: It goes without saying that experienced people charge higher rates. “You have to pay for expertise!

  3. The size of the tree: the larger and more extensive the tree, the more travel the climber has to make to reach the desired locations. Pruning also increases the number of branches to be pruned, disposed of and shredded.

  4. Geographical location: You need to estimate the travel time between the tree and the truck. What’s more, if the tree is located in a difficult-to-reach area, on a slope or in a more risky location, there will be more equipment to install, and you’ll need to be extra careful.

  5. The level of danger: Pruners work at height, on board a cherry picker or attached to a harness. A high level of risk generates additional costs.

  6. Equipment used: Regular protective equipment such as helmets, goggles, gloves, boots, pants, chainsaw, cables and much more must be taken into consideration. In some situations, the use of a cherry picker or crane is required, which quickly drives up the price, from $200 to $300 an hour.

  7. The tree’s state of health: A sick, rotten, fragile tree takes longer to prune because its strength is compromised.

To make sure you get a fair price, contact a tree trimmer to find out all your options.

Let the professionals do the work!

Whether you need to save your relationship with your neighbor, clear your pool or remove a dead tree, the tree care specialists at Tree Quotes
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If you use the services of a qualified and certified tree trimmer or arborist, you’ve got everything to gain!


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How much will it cost to clear land in Quebec in 2023?


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How much will it cost to clear land in Quebec in 2023?

The dream of settling in a wooded area far from the hassles of the city is shared by many Quebecers.

However, land clearing is a project that comes with a price tag…

And when your goal is to build a home on a wooded lot, it’s essential to know the cost of clearing the land before you start building!

prix deboiser terrain quebec

Soumissions Terrain is here to give you an overview of the costs involved in clearing land in Quebec in 2023!
Best of all, fill out our form to compare 3 free, personalized quotes for your tree clearing project.

It’s a free, no-obligation service, so get in touch!

What are the different types of land clearing?

There are a wide variety of deforestation projects in Quebec!

Some will buy wooded land in a new development close to the city, while others will opt for more secluded woodland. In all cases, the mission remains the same: to cut down trees to make way for a construction project of some kind.

Here are a few examples of land clearing projects!

Clearing for residential construction

Building in the countryside or in a new neighborhood usually means clearing the forest. The location of the future construction will have to be precisely determined, so that the exact area to be cleared can be identified.

Clearing land or soil

Land that’s too densely forested can pose access and operating challenges. It may therefore become necessary to thin the forest by felling or pruning certain trees!

Creation of a dirt road

Is the forest blocking your access to a section of your land or to the construction site of your future property? Once again, logging work will be required to build a dirt road or forest road.

Clearing woodland

Certain tree species must be removed to ensure the longevity of your woodlot? In this case, selective clearing of the woodland can be carried out by a professional!

Cutting diseased trees

Would you like to keep some of the trees on your property, but some of them are sick? It’s a good idea to have such trees felled before they fall over on their own and cause damage.

Whatever your clearing project, Tree Quotes is the reference you need to find your professional!

Prices for land clearing services in Quebec!

Clearing land is generally not a low-cost project.

Clearing a large lot can quickly add up, so here’s an overview of the costs involved in clearing a lot in Quebec with a qualified pruner or trimmer!

prix elagueur emondeur arbre

Land clearing

Average price in Quebec

Clearing building land

0.50 to $1.00 / ft2

Shrub land (small trees)

Up to $5,000 / hectare

How can you save on deforestation of your residential lot?

Limiting deforestation to the essentials is obviously a simple way to save money! Alternatively, some trimmers and pruners will reduce the cost of their services if you let them leave with the felled trees.

For some, this will be an interesting compensation that could save you money, but not all professionals accept such an arrangement.

Is it really a good idea to clear your own land?

If you clear your land yourself, you can certainly save a lot of money! However, tree felling is a dangerous job that requires proper training! It is therefore inadvisable to attempt to clear your own property, regardless of the number and size of trees.

Ask for a detailed quote to find out in advance how much it will cost to clear your land!

All the factors that have an impact on the cost of deforestation!

Since the quantity, size and density of trees vary from one property to another, the costs associated with deforestation projects depend on a number of factors.

facteur prix defricher deboiser

Tree Quotes presents an overview of the factors that can influence the cost of land clearing by a professional tree pruner!

Factors that will REDUCE the cost of land clearing

Factors that will INCREASE the price of land clearing

So how do you know which of these factors will have an impact on your land clearing project? By requesting several customized quotes from qualified pruners.

Tree Quotes offers you 3 of these free quotes right here!

What to do with trees and branches after clearing?

Clearing land is one thing. Planning what to do with the remaining trees and branches is quite another.

Many landowners only think about this aspect when the trees are on the ground, which causes some headaches!

branches deboisement broyer

It’s possible to let the pruning crew take the trees home.
As mentioned above, some pruners and trimmers are willing to take their felled trees with them, either out of simplicity or as compensation. If you don’t want to keep the trees, this is a simple way of getting rid of them.

You might decide to make firewood! Your cleared land could be the source of years of firewood reserves. Of course, you’ll have to do a bit of work to split the wood and get it ready for winter. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the effort.

And when it comes to tree branches, chipping them on site is ideal! You’ll be amazed at the amount of branches that need to be removed after clearing a plot of land.

The easiest way to get rid of these same branches is to have a shredder come on site and shred the branches as the trees fall.

Is a deforestation permit still necessary?

Is it really necessary to apply for a permit to cut down trees on your own property? Absolutely!

Every city and municipality in Quebec imposes restrictions on tree-cutting, which is why it’s essential to obtain a felling permit before starting to clear land. In many cities, even the felling of a single tree requires a permit!

Once the permit has been granted, will you be able to clear the land as you wish without any constraints?

Unfortunately not! Not all municipalities protect trees in the same way, and some are stricter than others. Be sure to read the conditions attached to your permit before you start cutting.

Compare prices for land clearing with Tree Quotes!

Clearing your land may come with a price tag, but that’s no reason to hire a professional without comparing offers.

The cost of land clearing varies according to several factors and criteria that are specific to your property. That’s why it’s essential to get several quotes, since large sums of money are at stake.

Tree Quotes offers you the opportunity to compare 3 completely free quotes for your land clearing project.

Fill out our form and we’ll refer you to the tree-cutting professionals in your area.


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Tree inspection: how to determine the health of a tree?

Tree inspection: how to determine the health of a tree?

On your property, there’s an oak tree that seems to be flapping in the wind. You’re worried about the precious companion that has provided you with shade and oxygen over the years.

However, you’re not sure of its condition or the source of the potential problem. Could it be a virus? An insect pest?

Anyway, the big hardwood worries you and you’d like to know what’s wrong with it.

arbre branches coupe

To find out more, it may be worthwhile calling on an arboriculturist who specializes in this field.

If not, how do these professionals go about determining the tree’s health and the action to be taken?

Tree Quotes has prepared a guide to help you through the process.


Prevention is better than cure: growth inspection.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it’s best to carry out a growth inspection with the trees occupying your property.

This inspection can be carried out annually. You can carry out this inspection yourself or contact an arborist to be sure.

During a growth inspection, it is important to check:

When certain branches are broken, they must be removed. Sometimes you can see “witches’ brooms”, a cluster of branches starting from the same point caused by a previous poor cut. This brush must be cut to prevent future breakage.

There may be a very vigorous branch that starts to think of itself as a second trunk, which often ends up creating a fork that will open up and cause the loss of the tree. This branch should also be deleted.

If the branches are close to the ground or within reach, you can trim them yourself. Otherwise, we strongly recommend that you contact a certified arborist.

When should a tree be pruned?

Of course, if a branch is dangerous and needs to be cut down immediately, it’s best to do it right away. Otherwise, professionals consider late winter and early spring to be the best time.

arbre pigments

This period allows the tree to resume its growth after the frost period under the best possible conditions.

The second preferred option is late autumn or early winter. This option allows the tree to enter hibernation in the best possible conditions, emerging stronger and free of harmful branches in spring.

How do I prune branches?

When you simply want to shorten a troublesome branch, simply cut it off just beyond a secondary branch pointing in the desired direction, which will become its replacement. In this way, the tree’s natural symmetry is maintained.

To remove a branch completely, you must :

For further details, we recommend sawing under the branch, about 30 cm from the trunk. When you have sawn the branch to a depth equal to a third of its diameter, change position.

Now saw off the top of the branch about 5 to 7 cm further than the first kerf, and continue sawing until the branch gives way. When the branch falls, it will no longer be able to tear the bark of the trunk, as its link with the trunk will already have been severed by the first cut.

Now there’s a snag that needs to be removed. We then cut close to the trunk, but without damaging the collar, the swelling seen at the base of the branch, because it’s in the collar that the cells are found that will cover the wound with a new layer of bark.

There’s no need to cover the wound with pruning paint, and in fact, this treatment is not recommended at all.

Surprise discoveries during inspection (nests and diseases.)

inspection arbre

What to do with tree nests?
When the leaves fall from the tree in autumn, you may be surprised by a nest of bees, squirrels or birds.

In the case of birds, this is not a nuisance. You can leave it in place. The same goes for the squirrel: he’s likely to still be inside, as he winters in his cozy nest, usually coming out from time to time to fetch the nuts he’s buried in various hiding places.

Do you see a wasp’s nest, like a round greyish ball in the branches?

Don’t panic: the queen and her workers are dead by now, and the new queen is safely tucked away somewhere in the ground. If you want to use it as a decoration, no problem! Otherwise, the nest will eventually decompose: wasps almost never re-use an old nest.

What to do when you see a growth in the tree?

If you see a black nodule, it’s more sinister than a simple nest. This disease of plum and cherry trees (and sometimes other fruit trees) attacks the branches: a black, elongated mass, like a sausage, covers the branch.

The nodule grows like a cancer, suffocating affected branches and causing them to die, spreading to others. Sadly, your tree is now doomed: the most that can be done is to prolong its life by removing the nodules.

At this point, we suggest planting a replacement plum or cherry tree.

For other types of tree, other growths can be seen on trunks and branches.

Sometimes these are diseases, such as crown gall (Agrobacterium tumefaciens), sometimes they are insects (notably the various scale insects, some of which resemble mini-oyster scales stuck to the bark). On the other hand, the presence of moss or lichen is not at all harmful.

Of course, the problem must be identified before appropriate treatment can be found.

Arborist services - Prices and advice!

arbre sante


An arborist can determine the type of pruning required to improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees. The various pruning methods include branch removal:

Other pruning methods are used to maintain the natural structure of young trees, improve their shape and reduce the possibility of storm damage.

Required team

Rate per hour

1 professional

100$ à 200$

2 professionals

150$ à 200$

3 professionals

250$ à 325$

Get a free tree inspection quote with Tree Quotes!

When in doubt about the health of a tree on your property, it’s essential to seek professional advice to ensure that you take the right steps and carry out the necessary work safely.

For more information and to get in touch with a team of experts in the field, fill in our quick form!

Why hire a professional to cut down trees?


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Why hire a tree-cutting professional?

professionnel abattage arbres

As you step outside, you realize the magnitude of the task ahead, and a feeling of vertigo takes hold of you.

How do you do it? Is it worth hiring a professional? Tree Quotes is here to help!

Who are the tree-cutting professionals?

When it comes to felling trees, the professionals are the arboriculturists. These experts don’t just carry out culls. Arborists also plant and transplant trees on private and public properties.

The arborist is also in charge of tree health, fertilizing, irrigating, pruning, applying pesticides, pruning and treating wounds.

Advantages of arboricultural services

Arborists are skilled in the planting, care and maintenance of trees.

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Arborist Certification is a non-governmental, voluntary process by which individuals can attest to their level of knowledge and skills.

conseils abattage arbres

This is an internal process administered by ISA, and is not governed by any legislation. Certification measures individual knowledge and skills in tree care.

Certified arborists are individuals who have achieved a level of tree care knowledge through experience and by passing an exam designed by some of the foremost experts in arboriculture. Certified arborists must continue their training to maintain their certification. As a result, they are likely to keep abreast of the latest arboricultural techniques.

How do I choose the right tree-cutting professional?

Check whether the arborist is a member of a professional organization such as the Société internationale d’arboriculture Québec (SIAQ) or another arborist organization in your area. Membership of a professional organization demonstrates the arboriculturist’s interest in keeping abreast of the latest techniques and discoveries in the field.

Check if the arborist is certified ISA or another professional organization, such as those offered by governmental or private bodies. Certified arborists are experienced professionals who have passed an examination covering all aspects of tree care.

Ask your insurance company for proof of insurance and verify its validity. A good arborist carries liability insurance for personal injury and property damage, as well as workers’ compensation insurance (if applicable to your region).

Check for required permits and licenses. Some municipalities require contractors to obtain a permit or apply for a license before they are allowed to work.

Ask for references to see if the company has already done work similar to yours. Don’t hesitate to check these references or visit sites where the contractor has already carried out work.

Unless you’re already satisfied with the first bidder, ask for more bids. You may have to pay for appraisals and the process will take longer, but in the end the investment will be well worth it.

Why cut down a tree?

arboriculteur avantages

Although used as a last resort, slaughter may be necessary in certain situations. An arborist can help determine whether a tree should be felled. Felling is recommended if the tree :

What other services does an arborist offer?


An arborist can determine the type of pruning required to improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees. The various pruning methods include branch removal:

The plantation

Some arborists carry out planting work, and most can recommend species suited to a specific location.

Planting the wrong tree in the wrong place will, in the future, lead to problems related to lack of space, insects, disease or poor growth.

Other services

Many arborists also offer a variety of other services, including:

Tree cutting rates and packages in Quebec

Depending on a number of factors, tree-felling projects vary in cost.

Here’s a table showing the cost according to tree height. The price is divided into several tasks: felling and cleaning. A stumpage fee will then be added.

Tree height

Felling and cleaning

Stump removal

5 to 15 feet



15 to 30 feet



30 to 50 feet



50 to 65 feet



65 to 80 feet



Tree height

Fixed price (felling, cleaning, stump removal)

5 to 15 feet


15 to 30 feet


30 to 50 feet


50 to 65 feet


65 to 80 feet


Tree Quotes is here to help!

With all the information listed above, you’re now better equipped to begin the process of hiring a competent arborist who’s up to the task.

Don’t forget to check the practitioner’s licenses and knowledge of standards. Felling trees is a complex and dangerous task that requires great care. Your responsibility to find the right person for the job is paramount to the success of the process.

To get a quote from tree-cutting professionals, fill out our free form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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