Compare 3 free quotes for tree cutting, pruning or maintenance. Free service anywhere in Quebec.

Compare 3 free quotes for tree cutting, pruning or maintenance. Free service.

Pruning and trimming

Pruning vs. Tree pruning: All the differences

Taking care of the trees on your property is one of your responsibilities as a homeowner or commercial building owner.

When a tree is threatening and poses a safety risk to passers-by, it’s your duty to take the necessary steps to prevent anyone from being hurt.

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Are we talking about pruning or trimming?

In this article, we clarify the issue for you.

Pruning definition

Pruning is an old term no longer really used in arboriculture. It has now been replaced by pruning.

The only time we can use the term correctly is when we’re talking about cutting the gourmands.

Gourmands are secondary branches that develop on the main branches of a tree.

It’s best to cut them back, as they unnecessarily deplete the tree by redirecting sap to these new branches.

In the case of
fruit trees
the gourmands are not productive and you won’t get any new fruit from these branches. That’s why they need to be pruned.

Following pruning, your tree will gain in vigor, as its energy and sap will no longer be used to grow gourmands.

The pruner is the person who removes the suckers from a tree, but like the term pruning, it’s no longer used today. The correct term is ” pruner”.

So if you use the term “pruning”, the only operation carried out on the tree must be the removal of the suckers.

Otherwise, we use the term “pruning”.

Pruning definition

Pruning is therefore the exact term used by professionals. The
International Society of Arboriculture of Quebec
(SIAQ) defines pruning as “the technique of trimming, reducing or removing branches, twigs, shoots, roots, flowers or fruit from a plant”.

There are many reasons to carry out pruning work, and there are different types of pruning.

When a tree, or some of its branches, become a danger to the safety of others, this is called safety pruning.

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Note that to ensure that your pruning work is safe, you need to use the services of a professional pruner.

The people who work in this profession have undergone appropriate training, enabling them to carry out pruning using the right techniques and, above all, in complete safety.

The different types of pruning

Safety pruning

Probably the best known, safety pruning allows you to cut dead branchesWe’ll even take care of any branches damaged by strong winds or diseased branches, to prevent them from breaking off themselves and injuring someone or damaging a structure, which could get you into trouble.

Thinning pruning

If a tree is overshadowing your property, but you don’t want to cut it down, you can ask a specialist to carry out thinning pruning. Certain branches will be skilfully trimmed to allow more light into your home.

Sanitation pruning

Following a visual inspection of your tree, you’ve noticed that it seems to be in poor condition? Sanitation pruning removes dead or diseased branches before they become a safety problem. This can also prevent disease or insect pests from spreading further.

Directional pruning

Probably the best known, safety pruning allows you to cut dead branchesWe’ll even take care of any branches damaged by strong winds or diseased branches, to prevent them from breaking off themselves and injuring someone or damaging a structure, which could get you into trouble.

Tree pruning: is it a good idea to do it yourself?

Well, no! You shouldn’t be pruning a tree yourself, unless, of course, you’re a tree pruner yourself.

Arboriculture is a complex field, and only those with the right training can call themselves arborists, tree trimmers or tree climbers.

If you attempt to carry out pruning work, there are a number of risks involved.

Risks associated with pruning work

1- You could be electrocuted if you try to cut a branch too close to a Hydro-Québec power line. If you notice that a tree or a large branch is threatening the electrical network,
you absolutely must contact a professional

By filling out our form, you’ll quickly receive 3 free quotes from a licensed arborist.

You don’t want to be one of the statistics we hear about serious injuries or deaths resulting from reckless maneuvers too close to a power line. Fill in our form and let a real specialist take care of it.

2- You could be seriously injured if you don’t know how to handle a chainsaw properly. Using a chainsaw at the top of a tree can result in the loss of a limb, and you want to avoid this type of injury at all costs.

3- You could seriously injure or even kill another person. If the work is not clearly indicated, a passer-by may be in the wrong place at the same time as a huge branch falls.

It’s essential to mark out a zone on the ground to prevent accidents.

4- You could damage your tree. Without the necessary technical knowledge to prune your tree properly, you could make poor cuts that could further damage your tree.

After all, your tree is alive and kicking, and if you cut it down unnecessarily, you run the risk of a disease spreading, even though your tree was once healthy.

Arboricultural trades

If you love the outdoors, and working outdoors doesn’t scare you, perhaps you could consider a career in arboriculture?

Whether you’re an arborist, a tree pruner or even a tree climber if you’re not afraid of heights, there are various training courses available in the provinces to enable you to specialize in this field.

To work as a tree trimmer, you need to complete a 915-hour vocational diploma (DEP).

During this training, you’ll learn how to analyze each situation correctly, how to climb trees safely, how to handle tree-trimming equipment safely, and much more.

This training is offered at the following locations:

How do I choose the right pruning company?

Don’t just rely on the price you’ve been offered. Chances are, if you contact different contractors, you’ll get quite different prices.

Should I choose the most expensive bidder? Or go for the one that offers you the best price?

Listen carefully to each person you talk to.

Beautiful, good, inexpensive and paid cash? Are you sure this contractor has insurance in case he damages anything on your property? Does he really have the skills to carry out the work?

The price is exorbitant, as you are told that most of your tree will have to be pruned to make it safe again? Beware! Professional pruners know that drastically cutting down a tree can damage its health.

A competent tree trimmer will take the time to understand your needs, while taking care of the health and preservation of your tree. He’ll take the time to explain the steps needed to ensure your tree’s good health, while taking care of the safety of the surrounding environment.

It’s best to choose a contractor who’s a member of the SIAQ, so you can be sure he has the skills you need for the pruning job you’ve requested.

To ensure you receive quotes from specialized contractors, fill out the form on this page.

Soumissions Arbre takes the time to check out every company that wants to become a partner, because what we want most of all is for you to receive top-quality service.

In less than 2 minutes, you send us your information and we send you your 3 free quotes in less than 48 hours. Don’t worry, it’s simple and there’s no obligation on your part.

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You can then compare the prices of the 3 bidders in your area, as well as the opinions of former customers. You’ll also have the chance to talk to each of the entrepreneurs to understand their company values.

No stress, no pressure. You take the time to do your due diligence, and if you like a contractor, you hire him.

This ensures that you hire a professional with the right values in the right place.

Price of pruning and trimming services in Quebec in 2023


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Price of pruning and trimming services in Quebec in 2023

Your hedge is out of control and you’ve had enough of the old stump in the middle of your property, we’ve got the solution for you!

To avoid being the laughing stock of your neighborhood, opt for the services of a professional! Pruners and arborists are the people who look after your trees to ensure that they grow properly and safely.

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Pruner, trimmer, arborist? Let us sort it all out for you!

To help you contact the right contractor for your needs, it’s important to differentiate their roles. The pruner removes harmful branches to make the environment safer. The arborist does the same, but goes one step further by prioritizing tree health and disease detection.

For its part, “emondeur” is a term that’s often used, even though it’s, let’s face it, a little out of date. Its role is to perform a very rudimentary tree-cutting operation. While the pruning service is more like pruning a cedar hedge, the arborist tries to do the opposite.

There’s no need to monkey around and climb your trees. Check out our prices for professional tree care services.

Are pruning and trimming the same thing?

Often confused, the two terms are distinct actions in the way tree cutting is carried out.

Pruning is the process of cutting off dead or live branches from a tree. This allows us to limit growth in width or orientate development in length. To combine business with pleasure, aesthetic work is carried out to preserve both the health and beauty of the tree.

The big difference between the two is that pruning is a much more drastic cutting technique, stripping the tree of all its branches. Unlike pruning, where the emphasis is on health and aesthetics, pruning is not necessarily the recommended option in urban environments.

A solution for every need!

Why use their tree care services?

For both pruning and trimming work, tree pruning reduces the risk of damage.

Prevent branches from breaking under the weight of snow, falling on your car in high winds or touching electrical wires.

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Pruning branches eliminates the threat to the safety of people and buildings in the vicinity, thus averting a disaster.
From a purely aesthetic point of view, cutting down a tree to create space and light on your land will increase the value of your property.

Still in doubt? Here’s why you need pruning and trimming:



The branches growing at the top should be removed:

New shoots break through from the base, the shrub must be felled:

Limiting growth

Limiting growth

Lifeless branches

Lifeless or rotting branches

Altered branches

Branches too low

Fragile branches

Fragile branches

Harmful branches

Harmful branches

Don’t try to fly under the radar and cut down your tree yourself, as the fine can be quite hefty. This could cost you more than hiring a professional.

Maintain your trees, follow regulations and obligations in Quebec

It’s important to remember that, as the owner of a house, plex or business, you have obligations to the city regarding the upkeep of your trees.

For example:

You need a permit to cut down a tree on your property whose trunk is more than 5cm in diameter and 1.4m high.

Avoid getting into trouble! If you have any questions about trees on your property, find out what you need to know!

Cutting, pruning, felling: Everything you need to know about services in Quebec

Tree trimmers and arborists offer a wide range of services for the care of your trees and shrubs:

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Don’t try to fly under the radar and cut down your tree yourself, as the fine can be quite hefty. This could cost you more than hiring a professional.


Cutting at the base of a diseased or dangerous tree to bring it down and remove it permanently.


Pruning the tree or shrub at the top or base.


Removal of tree stump and roots following felling. This frees up and levels the terrain.


Consists in solidifying the tree structure if it is unstable.


Action to maintain and promote hedge growth. The best times for pruning are generally in spring and before winter.


Removes trees in a specific area and shreds branches. Mainly required to start the construction phase. This must be done in compliance with local regulations while maintaining an ecological balance.


It is used to assess the condition of trees to determine whether and how they should be maintained.

How much does it cost to hire a tree trimmer in Quebec in 2023?

Flat rate or hourly rate? In fact, both options are possible. The choice is left to the expert’s discretion, depending on your project and needs.
Depending on the service chosen, the average hourly rate is $150 to $200 for 2 men, in line with arboricultural labor standards.




250 – $325 / h 3 men


250 – $325 / h 3 men


100 – $1,000 per strain


250 – $325 / h 3 men


250 per hedge


250 – $325 / h 3 men


50 – $500 including a report

Prices include labor for 3 men, a chipper plus a truck to store the wood if necessary, and all the equipment needed to do the job.

The main factors influencing the price of pruning services

Of course, hiring a tree trimmer or arborist varies according to the service required. The total cost also depends on a number of variables, which is why it’s essential to discuss your needs with professionals.

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  1. Number of employees: The more work you do, the more men you’ll need. A minimum of 2 men is required.

  2. Level ofexperience: It goes without saying that experienced people charge higher rates. “You have to pay for expertise!

  3. The size of the tree: the larger and more extensive the tree, the more travel the climber has to make to reach the desired locations. Pruning also increases the number of branches to be pruned, disposed of and shredded.

  4. Geographical location: You need to estimate the travel time between the tree and the truck. What’s more, if the tree is located in a difficult-to-reach area, on a slope or in a more risky location, there will be more equipment to install, and you’ll need to be extra careful.

  5. The level of danger: Pruners work at height, on board a cherry picker or attached to a harness. A high level of risk generates additional costs.

  6. Equipment used: Regular protective equipment such as helmets, goggles, gloves, boots, pants, chainsaw, cables and much more must be taken into consideration. In some situations, the use of a cherry picker or crane is required, which quickly drives up the price, from $200 to $300 an hour.

  7. The tree’s state of health: A sick, rotten, fragile tree takes longer to prune because its strength is compromised.

To make sure you get a fair price, contact a tree trimmer to find out all your options.

Let the professionals do the work!

Whether you need to save your relationship with your neighbor, clear your pool or remove a dead tree, the tree care specialists at Tree Quotes
are at your service.

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If you use the services of a qualified and certified tree trimmer or arborist, you’ve got everything to gain!


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Cedar hedge trimming – How much does it cost in Quebec?


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Hedge trimming - How much does it cost?

Maintaining your grounds has many advantages. In addition to the visual aesthetics we wish to reflect, many practices and habits are good for the health of the trees and plants we own. To ensure quality in your landscape maintenance, it may be a good idea to do business with a true professional in the field!

Cedar hedge maintenance and pruning are seasonal tasks that need to be accomplished for many reasons. In the following article, we show you the advantages of taking care of your trees, but also the need to deal with a real professional in the field!

Coupe entretien haie

Why trim your hedges?

There are several reasons why you may need to trim your hedges. Among the many reasons, we can mention :

In short, there are a number of valid reasons, both aesthetic and otherwise, for trimming your hedges. All we have to do is set our own goals and get started… when the time is right!

When should you trim your hedges?

Although a hedge requires little maintenance, it’s important to know the right time to take action. Several factors influence when it’s worth looking into:

professionnel taille mécanique

How to trim hedges

To understand how hedges can be trimmed is to understand the importance of a professional in this practice, which may be more complex than you think. Among the many things to keep in mind to ensure a harmonious and effective cut, there are :

What tools do you need to trim your hedges?

You might think that simple shears would be sufficient to make all the cuts required for our hedges, but practice calls for some more specific tools. Consider the following equipment:

Whether you’re using shears or a hedge trimmer, it’s advisable to keep it at the bottom of your body, to save energy and keep your arms from tiring. It’s a detail that’s easy to forget!

What does it mean to call in a professional?

Why call in someone who specializes in the field for something as trivial as the hedge trimming? It’s so simple! Simply because it will be able to…

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And finally, how much does it cost?

There are several factors that can influence the price you pay for hedge trimming. Consider the following:

Do you need extra help felling a tree? We’ve got the figures for you! This article will answer any questions you may have about the price of pruning and trimming unwanted trees.

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Now that you know the price and services, it’s up to you to decide which of our partner companies you’d like to work with.

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Why hire a professional to cut down trees?


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Why hire a tree-cutting professional?

professionnel abattage arbres

As you step outside, you realize the magnitude of the task ahead, and a feeling of vertigo takes hold of you.

How do you do it? Is it worth hiring a professional? Soumissions Arbre is here to help!

Who are the tree-cutting professionals?

When it comes to felling trees, the professionals are the arboriculturists. These experts don’t just carry out culls. Arborists also plant and transplant trees on private and public properties.

The arborist is also in charge of tree health, fertilizing, irrigating, pruning, applying pesticides, pruning and treating wounds.

Advantages of arboricultural services

Arborists are skilled in the planting, care and maintenance of trees.

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Arborist Certification is a non-governmental, voluntary process by which individuals can attest to their level of knowledge and skills.

conseils abattage arbres

This is an internal process administered by ISA, and is not governed by any legislation. Certification measures individual knowledge and skills in tree care.

Certified arborists are individuals who have achieved a level of tree care knowledge through experience and by passing an exam designed by some of the foremost experts in arboriculture. Certified arborists must continue their training to maintain their certification. As a result, they are likely to keep abreast of the latest arboricultural techniques.

How do I choose the right tree-cutting professional?

Check whether the arborist is a member of a professional organization such as the Société internationale d’arboriculture Québec (SIAQ) or another arborist organization in your area. Membership of a professional organization demonstrates the arboriculturist’s interest in keeping abreast of the latest techniques and discoveries in the field.

Check if the arborist is certified ISA or another professional organization, such as those offered by governmental or private bodies. Certified arborists are experienced professionals who have passed an examination covering all aspects of tree care.

Ask yourinsurance company for proof of insurance and verify its validity. A good arborist carries liability insurance for personal injury and property damage, as well as workers’ compensation insurance (if applicable to your region).

Check for required permits and licenses. Some municipalities require contractors to obtain a permit or apply for a license before they are allowed to work.

Ask for references to see if the company has already done work similar to yours. Don’t hesitate to check these references or visit sites where the contractor has already carried out work.

Unless you’re already satisfied with the first bidder, ask for more bids. You may have to pay for appraisals and the process will take longer, but in the end the investment will be well worth it.

Why cut down a tree?

arboriculteur avantages

Although used as a last resort, slaughter may be necessary in certain situations. An arborist can help determine whether a tree should be felled. Felling is recommended if the tree :

What other services does an arborist offer?


An arborist can determine the type of pruning required to improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees. The various pruning methods include branch removal:

The plantation

Some arborists carry out planting work, and most can recommend species suited to a specific location.

Planting the wrong tree in the wrong place will, in the future, lead to problems related to lack of space, insects, disease or poor growth.

Other services

Many arborists also offer a variety of other services, including:

Tree cutting rates and packages in Quebec

Depending on a number of factors, tree-felling projects vary in cost.

Here’s a table showing the cost according to tree height. The price is divided into several tasks: felling and cleaning. A stumpage fee will then be added.

Tree height

Felling and cleaning

Stump removal

5 to 15 feet



15 to 30 feet



30 to 50 feet



50 to 65 feet



65 to 80 feet



Tree height

Fixed price (felling, cleaning, stump removal)

5 to 15 feet


15 to 30 feet


30 to 50 feet


50 to 65 feet


65 to 80 feet


Soumission Trees is here to help!

With all the information listed above, you’re now better equipped to begin the process of hiring a competent arborist who’s up to the task.

Don’t forget to check the practitioner’s licenses and knowledge of standards. Felling trees is a complex and dangerous task that requires great care. Your responsibility to find the right person for the job is paramount to the success of the process.

To get a quote from tree-cutting professionals, fill out our free form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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Tree felling: regulations and rates in Quebec


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Tree felling: regulations and rates

Felling, pruning, trimming, pruning: what are the differences?



is the most commonmost common tree care procedure. This involves removing small, low branches, woody twigs and undesirable young shoots. In some cases, branches can also be shortened.


is a slightly more complex more complexThis involves removing dead, diseased, misplaced, harmful or poorly attached branches from a tree. He aims to keep the tree in good health and encourages its development. Find out more about
pruning and rates



Topping is a practice that aims to to reduce the height of a tree by cutting off its crown.


involves safely removing an entire tree. This is an irreversible stage, which can be followed by grubbing (action of removing a stump).

When the tree is dead, diseased, causing damage or becoming dangerous, felling should be considered.


Importance of trees and regulations

Felling a tree has major consequences for the environment. It acts as a “natural purification plant”, filtering rainwater.

It is also an incredible producer of oxygen, helping to ensure our survival.

These are the reasons why
tree-cutting is increasingly regulated
by municipalities – especially on private land. These restrictive regulations, and the resulting fines for non-compliance, make it possible to limit abusive felling.

loi arbre

Why cut down a tree?

There are many reasons why a homeowner might want to cut down a tree. While some of these are more of a whim, others will be given special attention by the municipal services.

The issuance of a felling permit
is therefore subject to one of the following conditions:

The tree is dead

If the tree has dried out or rotted, its hardened and more fragile branches may fall, causing major damage (human and material). In fact, it seems unavoidable to shoot it to avert any danger. If in doubt, seek the expertise of an arborist or urban forestry consultant. The latter is generally equipped with highly advanced diagnostic and investigative tools.

The tree is sick

When a tree is diseased, infested by parasites or fungi, and no treatment or pruning is possible, it's important to take action to prevent the disease spreading to nearby healthy trees.

Trees are a nuisance

In some cases, the tree can be a nuisance to the growth of surrounding trees. The owner will then have to cut down his tree.

Trees are an obstacle to development

When a tree is perceived as a real obstacle to the realization of a development, construction or work for which a permit has been issued, and if there are no other solutions, authorization to fell it may be given.


Felling a tree is a job for professionals

Once you’ve obtained the certificate of authorization, you can carry out the operation yourself. But be careful, you’ll need to comply with the urban planning harmonization by-law. The latter lays down very precise rules concerning the siting of trees on your land or their felling.

In Quebec, there are many companies specializing in arboricultural work.

These professionals have received
quality training
both in terms of felling techniques
and safety rules.

Many factors influence tree-felling operations: the type of wood and its condition, the inclination of the tree, its dimensions, the environment…

In an urban environment, cutting down trees is dangerous and must be done by dismantling them section by section. Cranes and aerial platforms are generally used, and dexterously handled to avoid electrical wires in particular.

Furthermore, safety is of paramount importance in this field. Arboriculturists are well aware of this, so they use protective equipment, safe, high-performance tools, and adopt appropriate behavior.

Abattre arbre

How to choose a professional?

There is no professional order for arborists. However, you can be sure that
the chosen worker is competent if he or she meets one or more of the following criteria:

How much does it cost to cut down a tree?

First of all, start by
request a quotation
to an arboricultural contractor. This first step is usually free of charge. Don’t hesitate to request several quotes to compare prices and services.

The price of felling a tree depends on five major factors
such as :


Without stump removal, it costs an average of $100 to $500 to have an unobstructed tree cut.

The price of stump removal

If you have to remove the entire stump, you’ll have to double the tree-felling estimate. Consider an additional $150 to $1,000, depending on the complexity of the task.

Presence of electrical infrastructure

The average cost of felling a tree can rise very quickly (to around $1,400) when it is close to electrical infrastructure (poles, power lines, etc.).

Rough terrain

Felling a tree on hilly or sloping ground can cost up to $1700, while the same tree on flat, smooth ground will cost you around $700.

What to do with wood residues after felling?

Once you’ve felled your tree, there’s one last step to take: managing all the cut wood (and its residues)! Here are the
different options offered by contractors:

résidus bois

Good to know

Felling permits

The cost of a felling permit varies from municipality to municipality. Some don't charge for it, but you'll usually have to pay between $50 and $100.


If you decide to cut down a tree without authorization, it could cost you dearly. Fines range from $500 to $5,000 (for repeat offences) for each tree felled without a permit!


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